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Tandem Cycling

Welcome to my Athlete Development Account page! My current goal is to raise enough to purchase a tandem bike for use in future cycling efforts.


When I first began focusing on my physical health I was eager to find anything that would keep me moving and active. A healthy active lifestyle I found was not difficult to obtain, so long as I took short, sustainable steps towards modifying my daily activities. I discovered tandem cycling through a local tandem club that specifically teamed sighted captains with blind stokers ( and was forever hooked. After my first thirty mile ride I was concerned that various body parts would fall off, but happily that did not occur, and during my last season I rode over two thousand miles.


When I am on a tandem I feel accomplished and that my efforts are making a difference, both for my team and for myself. Please consider assisting me in reaching my goal. Your support is greatly appreciated! Click the donate link to sponsor my efforts in meeting my fundraising goal.

  • Goal $4,000.00
  • Raised $190.00
Top Donations
  • John J Vierthaler - $50.00
  • Alex B Dumais - $50.00
  • Joan and Bill - $50.00
  • S-money - $40.00
Donor Date Amount Message
John J Vierthaler 5/7/2015 $50.00 Stoke Away
S-money 5/7/2015 $40.00 G-man... press on towards the goal!
Alex B Dumais 9/28/2014 $50.00 Get your Tandem and pound down that cup of life my friend!
Joan and Bill 8/5/2014 $50.00